Friday, July 29, 2005

Dead End Streets

This is about many of the bayside streets on South Padre, which is where I live. My question is "What happens when all the lots are sold? See, these empty lots are used for big trucks to turn around, the the power company to service the telephone poles, and so forth. The easement for water, sewer, electricity, cable, and telephone is out back. But there's no alley there. So what happens when a transformer blows up and you need a 6-ton truck with a boom crane back there? Bulldoze down a house?

I got to thinking about this because there were some electrical failures and one pole was totally out of the way because of some new fancy houses - it took all day (with no power for me) while they figured out how to put a new pole in the ground. Most residential service re-do's should only take 2-3 hours! I'm starting to wonder about how the island was laid out a little.

And the real estate is so hot down here there's a continual procession of prospective home buyers ... turning around in our driveways. Gosh, some of our concrete driveways are getting black from all the tire wear. I don't mind it too much, including the dog-walkers that crap all over (hehe, I didn't quite say that right, did I?). But when all the houses are sold and all the driveways are full I think we'll have a problem with big cars, SUV, and trucks backing up all the way to Laguna Drive. The garbage truck has to do that some of the time already.

I won't even go into plans for access to the bay at the end of the street. But there are locals who wind surf and kayak (me too!) and their kids play down there so it would be nice to fix it up a little. It's pretty much a construction landfill right now. Maybe our little dead-end road is the exception to the rule rather than the norm, but it's got my attention now.

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