Monday, August 01, 2005

Crystal Clear Green-Blue Waters

Clear, blue-green surf today. Many of the surf reports have been saying “clear green-blue waters” for days but today you could see your toes and the shells five feet down. There was a little eel grass left from Hurricane Emily but otherwise the beach was immaculate. No jellyfish or seaweed. Sure, the forecast said 1-foot waves, but we were catching 3-4 foot waves on the second and third sandbar. We were catching 30-foot rides just body surfing. It was a blast!

This only happens during the dog days of summer, when the tides and winds and riptides are so gentle and there is no mixed-up turbidity. The funny thing was there was no bait in the water, since it was so gin-clear. Clear, green-blue more like.

On a positive note, the current appeared to be setting from north to south, which means the Mississippi Current might be starting – maybe bringing back oodles of big fish, hopefully. It was just a touch but you could feel it. Usually the Mexico Current goes from south to north the rest of the year. Anyway, that’s what the guys at the Texas Invitational Fishing Tournament (TIFT) would like to hear – the largest fishing tourney in Texas for 63 years, bay and offshore. Solid bluewater is only 18 miles out and closing back in, which is great.

But I could be mistaken, since last year the current budged south for a few days but then it was ripping at 3-4 knots the other way, even worse 20 miles out to sea. But for now, the luxury of having Mediterranean waters will do just fine. South Padre green-blue, that is.

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