Monday, July 25, 2005


My heart goes out to the folks down in Mexico just south of here that bore the brunt of the storm named Emily. It hit square on San Fernando, a city of about 60,000, and took out three fishing villages closer to the coast. According to our local paper, little has been done since then except for some ham sandwiches - apparantly, the US is not allowed to help down there unless you donate to the Mexican Red Cross or something like that. Since that time, several large thunderstorms and then tropical storm Gert went over the same track, making things worse.

Sure, here in lucky South Padre Island we had a little rock'n'roll when Emily came on, but it was nothing like what happened 80 miles to the south: twice the wind, five times as much rain, and a storm surge of at least ten feet.

That's yet another reason why I don't write momentous tales about what happened here on our lucky little sand spit of an island, during a hurricane warning.

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BeachFever said...

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the info. Thats more than we have heard here about how things are going in Mexico, but knowing how dry it usually is there we figured they must have been hit hard.