Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yes We're On Our Way!!!

I may have confused people in previous posts because things have been SO difficult for us, but YES we are on our way to our new house on South Padre Island. The 28th or so.

Now we do NOT want a bazillion people coming over with casseroles and pies when we arrive. No, we want to sneak in silent as church mice, and get the feel of the Island first.

It is as if the Lord wanted me to write a slightly more complex, convoluted novel instead of a short story about "moving to South Padre."

But yes, we're packing right now.


Anonymous said...

Sam, we're envious! Just got back from another wonderful week at SPI. Everything was perfect (well, maybe not that dredge material on the beach where we always stay). It was sunny and dry and the big summer crowds had not yet arrived when we left on Sunday.
I seem to remember from one of your posts some time back that you bought a house on Oleander street. We happened down Oleander couple of times but did not see anyone moving in. Thought we might run into you down there.

Real estate prices keep climbing. And we thought it was expensive 5-10 years ago! Good luck with the rest of your move.

Frequent visitor (Island Wannabe)

Sam said...

Hey island Wannabee,

haven't made the move quite yet - a few delays but Tuesday 6/28 is the day. As to buying a house 5-10-15 years ago, we with we did that too. Lots were $20,000 and now they're like a hundred - that's 50 x 150. Look us up at 220 next time!

chris said...


chris said...

Sam and Lori, I have been reading your Blog since its inception and am so excited for you guys on your move to the island. Me and my wife Debbie actually met on the island in 1984' and and after we married in 1989' we have not missed as summer on the island. We have a daughter who has grown up on the isle and for the past ten years we spend both our summers and new years on SPI. In January of 04' we bought a vacant lot on W. Lantana in order to put a "cap" on the skyrocketing prices of the R/E and have plans to build within the next couple of years so that when our daughter graduates from high school we can attend her graduation in a U-Haul. We will be on the isle in mid July and will stop by to say hello, or better yet, "CONGRATULATIONS". by the way we just missed you guys on 01/01/05 at the polar bear swim....Sandy said your wife was in a cast and had to get off her feet. Keep us up to date on your move as it has been so great to read all your post.