Saturday, June 25, 2005

Last Post Before Move

This is probably the last posting before we make the Big Move on Tuesday. Gosh, it’s been over six months since I started this blog thingy about moving to South Padre, and it’s been fun and “it ain’t over yet.” Nope, there’s moving the daughter into an apartment, actually driving a huge load down to the Island, and figuring how on Earth I’m going to haul all that crap upstairs to the second story. Let’s just say a lot of it is going straight into the garage, so it had better not flood right away. So if you see us asking teenagers if they can help us move boxes and couches for 20 bucks, no we’re not pervs, it’s just that Lori has a bum foot and we have a turn-around staircase to the second story.

We sign the papers on this old house on Monday, after being somewhat scared the investor would back out at the last minute. Yup, we’ve been through it the hard way, not my favorite method to lose weight but we’re maybe a little tougher for it. Tuesday morning we start early because I think those rental trucks have engine governors on them so I’ll have to go slow. Boring! I always set the cruise control on at least 72 (except for the speed-trap towns, that is). Somebody reminded me that I’d be paying for the gas, too. I think they measure these big trucks in gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon. That might be an exaggeration but I’ll be down at the last truck stop before King Ranch drinking gas like a thirsty cow.

I’m leaving a ton of little details out, like what to do with three adopted wild field cats. Hey, they even have little pointy hairs on their ears like real bobcats. I don’t think we can move them; last time we had to put doggie-downers in some canned tuna bait just to get them to the vet for spaying. It was quite an ordeal and I have the scars to prove it. Thank goodness we’re not taking pit bull dogs with us – can you imaging moving into a tourist/retirement community with (very loveable) fighting dogs known for eating children? BWAHAHAHA. Forget that, baby, I put down my foot and said “no way, Jose.” One domestic shorthair and one Heinz 57 about 14 years old. Oh, and an iguana. The kids figured out how hard it was to rent a place with dogs over 50 pounds! Thousands of details, like making sure the plumerias didn’t have ants and termites (I had both in some of the 22 plants). Shame, the plumerias are in bloom and I’ll probably knock a bunch of limbs off.

Time to unplug this old computer hummer. The next update will be from on the Island. No telling when the DSL will be turned back on – they say they have to “test” the line, which is techno-speak for “gee, we just don’t know.” And then, hehe, the fun starts! I’ll give one hint: some of the locals want me to join the political fray. Heck, I’m not even a resident and they want to elect me for Alderman? I need at least a year to decompress, get back in shape, cut out some bad habits like smoking, lower the blood pressure, and make some denero to pay for all this moving and higher mortgage payments. Pretty nutty, I’d have to agree – perhaps they’ll settle for a Little Oak Man for a while.


Jeff & Angela said...

Good luck on ya'lls move. We will be looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

Everett said...

Take care on the drive down and try not to get too many tickets! I can relate to the move because we did it every two years or so for the 20 spent in the Navy. Some were long distance, like to and from Italy, and some not so bad, Virginia to Maine to Seattle. You might want to save a couple of those "doggie downers" for yourself HEH HEH HEH!!

blockislandblog said...

You picked a fine time to leave me....

Gee Sam, you pack up the computer and the sh't hits the fan. Someone got Everett mad on my blog about the eminent domain thing. Yippee, the fun is just beginning. He posted a very entertaining response on his website.
Hurry back,

Sam said...

Hmm, Everett making raising the rooftops again? Well, I'm back in the saddle again (Texan for online, I guess). Will post an update soon. Oh, by the way, the TX Legislature is thinking about a law to prohibit exactly what the Supremes ruled legal (granting authority for private corporations to use eminent domain status) - should be fun!