Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Saved by the Bell!

We got a contract on the old house up here in Leander at the last possible minute. We are on the way now, with lots of things to write about – and a lot less angst. Better late than never.

By now I’ve got electricity and water coming on the new house on Oleander Drive. The gals down in the Valley were great hooking me up but the white boys selling insurance and Internet were … well, let’s not cuss while we’re celebrating. There are multiple closing dates, so as to make life more fun. Our idea of fun is holding hands on the beach or making a sand castle or swimming in the surf, but we can handle all he paperflow now.

It happened fast, and then all our friends had to have us over for dinner. Heck we even has an Alice’s Restaurant Thanksgiving dinner. In June! Thank goodness we don’t have any cousins or kin in Arkansas. The neighbors, the cool old hippies with the pontoon boat, are half pissed and indicated they want to sell right away. They’re totally convinced that some butt-heads will move in. Other than that, all these folks are making us gain weight with all these go-away parties and we can’t wait to run on the beach. Like a railroad locomotive, you can put your ear next to the rail and hear us coming …

Thanks for all those positive thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Wooohooo!!!!!!!! I am soo glad to hear that news! I almost feel as if it were me. I have followed your plight for soo long that I will celebrate tonight along with (I hope) a 3-0 win by the Spurs! Sam, I hope everything is well with Lori's job contract to make everything perfect. I will visit you both soon and bring you one of my favorite plants as a house warming gift, an Australlian Tree Fern. Hope to hear from you soon! Your friend,MLeahy

blockislandblog said...

Glad you got an offer! Sounds like the kind of ride you want to get off of. Sorry about the hand slap. It was all in good fun.

Everett said...

So the Albatross is finally going to take flight huh? Good for you. If I EVER EVER decide to leave here, even for only a week or so, I MIGHT drop by SPI to see all those things you have written about in the blog over the last few months. I went to Houston ONCE in Oct to visit some of my wifes family and it was still so damned hot all we did was run from one a/c space to the next! How the hell do you stand it in the Summer? I often wonder how the South ever got populated befor AC!! TFIN Everett

Sam said...

Hey folks,

glad to hear for you all! T-minus 7 days for the move. Lori hasn't got a job yet so technically she's a "trailing spouse." Just don't tell her, OK?

Mike - how's Duncan of the Spurs doing?

BIB - was that you riding a bike with a dog peeking out of your bag? Hah! I make fun of myself all the tme, like Rodney Daingerfield did, so no worries there.

Everett - winter is the time to come. Last year we got 3 inches of snow for Christmas morning! You know, the blood is actually thicker if you live up north, thinner down south. That's why you boiled in October. When we visited Block Island 2 years ago in July, of course in shorts, t-shorts, and sandals, we froze our asses off. Overcast, blowing 25, drizzly, and maybe 65 degrees. Had to buy a parka on the Island at some boutique store - it almost blew up my credit card!

So instead of running off to Florida, like many others from the East Coast, give South Padre Island a second thought, and come on and visit us!

Anonymous said...

Well Sam, I am afraid that Duncan has lost the dominant part of his game (temporary I hope). He is filled with self doubt as far as I can see. Now it is a best of three, fortunately two of them are at home. If we continue to play as we have at home, it's championship #3. Wish us luck! Mike Leahy