Thursday, March 17, 2005

Manana - The Art of Doing Nothing

OK, my rant about Spring Break is over and I'm back to daydreaming about what I'm going to do when I finally make the move to South Padre Island - like unload the bed, first! Sure, there is fishing, sailing, kiting, surfing, eating, dining, walking, shopping, and for some of us, a little working (hopefully lots, or we'll be selling).

Then there's the art of Manana (pronounced man-yana), of putting things off as long as you can so you can relax. Lots of folks have absolutely no idea about the Manana factor, being Type-A folks that always have to be stirring like a margarita blender on high speed. For us Beta types, it just comes natural. A book, a lounge chaise, and a cool drink is all it takes. So many folks come down to Padre and ask "what they heck is there to do down here" and this is unfortunate, since the obvious answer is "absolutely nothing." Chill. Turn off the cell phone, the computer, and the TV. Listen to the ocean. Ah, now that's life.

Lot's of our Manana time revolves around what the sun is doing. Morning coffee with a newspaper (mainly to be used for wrapping fish) on one side of the house, in the shade. Noon at the beach for an hour, with lots of sunscreen. Afternoons on the other side of the house, in the shade again. All bets are off when there's no sun or it's raining, though: there is always tomorrow, Manana.

Sooner or later, yes, you'll make your move and actually do something. The main point is not to act hectic, hassled, or hasty. It is not macho. It goes against the grain of Manana, being so close to Mexico and all that. And yes, a siesta in the afternoon is completely acceptable. I'll see you ... manana!

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