Monday, March 14, 2005

Island Blogs

I got a nice note from a guy on Block Island, Rhode Island, one of my former summer haunts. His favoritie things are fishing, flying, and "tormenting elected officials," which endears me to him greatly. See

Of course, the king - I mean Queen - of South Padre Island blogs is Sandy Feet, aka Lucinda Wierenga. This is more of her own commercial blog, as opposed to folks that use free server services such as from Google (iBlog,, etc.). She was nice enough to link me at her site at

My folks are on one of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, Man-o-War Cay, and I've asked around there if there are any bloggers. It seems I've developed a taste for island-type bloggers. OK, they're a little salty and need some lemon or ketchup or mayo!

So I'll do some more research here as long as the beer holds out, and get back on what I find. I do know that a common thread might be island development, but I'll be as neutral as I can ... oh, where's Everrett from BLock island when you need him?

The sign is out front, waiting for a buyer so I can skeedaddle down to South Padre.


Kari Hager said...

Hi there - just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I visit Sandy Feet's ezboard message board often, and found the link to your blog about a month or so ago. I always look forward to updates. :) Good luck on selling your home, and on your move to SPI! :) - Kari
(aka - karihager1982) on the boards.

Sam said...

Thanks, Kari and I hope your drive to SPI is uneventful.

As to the existance of bloggers in the Abaco Islands, Bahama, "there just ain't any."


Outer Banks Native said...

I live on an island on the Outer Banks of NC, born and raised there. I publish a blog about happenings there, although in the summer our pace of life gets a little frenzied! Interesting, I chose the same "skin" as you for my blog. I like lighthouses and we have many nice ones here on the Outer Banks. Found your link on the Abaco Board, where we vacation to escape the tourist here!