Saturday, August 07, 2010

Summertime Blues

Been working hard the last month or two, and am finally coming up for air. Sure beats worrying about going broke! Been having a little fun although not as much fishing as I'd like. For a while the surf was good but now it's pretty flat, although hot as Hades in the afternoon.

Hard to believe that August is already upon us, and that the summer trade will soon end and turn us back into a ghost town - which suits me fine although the locals need the booty because things got a little slow because of Hurricane Alex. The TIFT has passed and today is the Lady's Kingfish Tournament.

The garden did well on its first crop, although the tomatoes died off and I pulled a bunch up after Hurricane Alex. We now have some okra and various melons coming along - don't ask what kind of melons because we eat one up and throw the seeds into the garden! No telling if it's a watermelon or a butternut squash until they fruit ... I hope they don't cross pollinate. I hope the honeydew and cantaloupe does good. When it gets cooler, back to fall tomatoes & peppers and then herbs and onions.

The fam seems to be doing well, with kids moving about - Samantha left last month for Austin. The oil gusher off Louisiana has been plugged, which is good news for my brother in Biloxi. Hard to keep up with everything but no bad news, anyway. Hope y'all are doing well, too.


Anonymous said...

Giving your forum entries, number/length/details, either part of your work load or fun time is on the forum.
Heat is what makes us Texans tough so they say. Whether it is 105 here in Dallas or 92 & humid in SPI, hot is hot. Drinking a lot of water and sweating must be our way of detoxing.
We will see you in September during the calm season.
Robert and Terry

Mike said...

Good to see you are back at your blog Sammy. See you on 2cool, but like reading your blog. It has been too long! Leaving manana for St. Kitt's and Bart's. Just daring the fortunes that flow westward off the Sahara this time of year...

Anonymous said...

Sam! It was great to see you last Saturday night at Wana Wana...Who ever thought our ant trails would cross again....serendipidy! Very cool you ended up in SPI playing a large wooden frog in a local band.. Stay in touch!

Greg Moore

Sam said...

Thanks y'all Robert, Miguel, and Greg. I hope to see y'all soon again.

Hot, St. Kitt's, and the Wanna, what a combo!

I'll post again soon, as this is getting fun again. -sam