Thursday, August 12, 2010

Screw You, Dell

In this day and age of computers in which we seem so dependent, I was amazed when my hard drive on the desktop crashed last month. Boy what a bullshit runaround that was! So a week or so later when I finally got my stuff back together I called my dad up in Maine. He reported that Dell sold millions of laptops and desktops fully knowing that the hard drives would fail, due to a power control issue with the disk controllers. Unfortunately, this is not a big issue on the blogs these days, but Dell owes me several grand now.

But screw them, and I'm thinking about shopping with somebody else. Come to think of it, two or two laptops malfunctioned as well. After being a faithful customer for years, I feel like I should "get even" but I don't have the 10 grand to sue the retards.

This isn't something about a computer virus or some BS like that. It's called a "planned hardware malfunction right after the warranty expires." Do you now how hard that is to recover when you're a small business? All those groovy programs must be downloaded again and if you don't have the license key, well, you're going to have to pay again! True, some where free but most programs cost between $30 and $7,000 dollars. You didn't read that wrong, that's seven thousand dollars. I was able to hack that expensive program but that's not right!

Living on "cracked" licenses really sucks and I hate that. I've been paying my way since 1994 when I started this computer piddling. I think the government should sue the crap out of Dell for having substandard equipment because otherwise, I had a perfectly good system with an expensive surge protector, firewall router, and the top of the line stuff (for a Micro-Shaft Computer anyways). So now my PC is always barking at me 20 ways like "your copy of this software is not genuine."

It's OK and I so get to rant, but in this dang Great Recession I didn't need to be spending thousands of dollars on software because of some company THAT KNEW THEY HAD DEFECTIVE PARTS.


~Melissa said...

My family and I have had MANY dells. They are not as good as they use to be. I won't buy a dell again. Its not just computers, think all major appliances too. How long did that old fridge last? a long fricking time. Not good for business. Don't buy as good of parts and they will have to buy one sooner. It sucks, but things just aren't made the way they use to be. Back to computers though, reality is, there is only 2 manufacturers of laptops. sucks.

Everett said...

Hi Sam, I also am a PAST DELL USER! Finally got smart when the last one shit the bed and bought me one of those little red apple looking things.

Had to learn all kinds of stuff all over again about what button does what, and how to do stuff within programs, but am getting a handle on it and not one inkling of the dreaded "blue screen" syndrome! MacBook Pro forever!!

wv: ingest: Well, I didn't eat anything and I did not write this comment "ingest" either!