Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tea Bag Parties?

Here's a picture of Texas Governor "good hair" Perry leading a bunch of tea bag party folks, made famous because of his ludicrous belief that Texas should secede from the United States. Unfortunately, it looks like he'll be out next governor.

But aside from these laughs, I truly am worried about these strange alliances, such as with the John Birch Society. Those people were idiots of the 1960s and what, they're back in favor with the ultra-conservative mainstream? Man we really are screwed then, aren't we?

OK, we can write off Texas but the interesting part is that elsewhere, the Tea Bag Party hates the GOP, especially Bush and McCain. I hope they fight like tigers and maul each other. That would be fun to watch.

The Tea Bag Party - home of the deranged, the disgruntled, and people who fly planes into the IRS building in North Austin. If they weren't armed to the teeth with heavy ammo I would insult the crap out of them.


~Melissa said...

The guns and ammo part is pretty common in Texas, at least that is what I have found. It really gives a new meaning to "Don't Mess with Texas"


Everett said...

How the hell did Stark go from an obama lover in 08 to a rabid right wing nutcase who flew his plane into the IRS building JUST because he is a TEA BAGGER? No one, not one person has been able to connect him to ANY Tea Party organization. Is it really hot down there? I think it must be affecting your judgement to say that! Just Saying----

Sam said...

Mr. Stack didn't seem to be a Tea Party member of any kind. However, he hated the IRS and the Tea Party jumped all over his case, expressing similar hatred of the IRS and our government in general. Secretly, many Tea Party members wish they had done that themselves.

Everett said...

Sam, You know that,,-How? That 'Many" Tea Party members wish they had done it themselves? How Many? I know lots of them myself and they were ALL pissed that the idiot did it

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...

Sam, I hope you and your family are doing well.

Look, "Tea Bag Party" is as offensive to me as "Algore" was to you....

It is the "Tea Party" movement... And dispariging those that protest(both sides, fairly, I might add) shows a major bias to the left, as they are the most vocal in opposition. ie. huff and puff post, and media matters, NOT!

It would seem that free speach only matters when it applies to left leaning media.

I have attended Tea Party events, and have witnessed a few nuts, but 99% are like you (I hope) and like me, concernened about the direction the country is taking.

How is that "Hope and Change Working for You?"

Sincerly, Mike Leahy