Sunday, February 07, 2010

Bird O' Paradise

I was working in the backyard and noticed an odd growth on our bird of paradise. There were three dark shoots and the one on the right side had already flowered. I must have missed it in all this cold and rain. Anyway, I'm waiting to see that the other two do.

It's been there a while, too, over 5 years and we had it as a potted plant in Austin for several years before moving here. I guess it decided to do its thang.


Everett said...

Ha HA! Mine has two beautiful flowers on it right now in the middle of winter. Course it is in the green house but the temp gets into the 50's there at night. We have three plants in tubs and at least to of them put out 3 or 4 flowers each winter! Never in the summer!!

Lucinda said...

After years in a pot and then a couple in the ground, mine bloomed for the first time last summer. My dad was entranced by the first BOP he ever saw, and I am sorry he didn't get to see the one shooting off right outside his door.

Going to make a point of checking it out tomorrow to see if it is doing anything.

Sam said...

Everett that is so cool, and yes you have some nice hot-houses to prove it!

Lucinda, take care of your dad's Bird of Paradise. I think you know that YOU are still his "bird of paradise" and his spirit is quite alive and kicking.