Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Design for SPI: Tiki

OK, folks, here's the deal. After defeating the "beige-colored real estate system" the locals won and wild colors are back in vogue on South Padre Island. In fact, new businesses have to use pre-approved Tiki colors for trims, doors, and windows. These colors consist of deep ocean blue, magenta red, International orange, emerald green, and others as approved on a case-by-case basis. The base paint may be plain or a mural of any artistic kind, as long as it is not gang graffiti.

The paint should be applied periodically and no more than 5 years, and any murals should be redone or retouched at this time too. An annual award will be designated as to (1) best "beachy" mural, (2) best Tiki trim colors, and (3) special mention such as for whale-back roofs and other unusual architectural details, such as walking into a shark's mouth into a T-shirt shop.

Ordinances would only allow Tiki bars on the Island, and on the Gulf side only Tiki bars with palm frond thatching on the roof. No more condos can be built anywhere unless they show Tiki potential and some architectural significance. Post-modern and "unique" architecture (round, geodesic, and five-sided) from 1975 is allowed as long as the trim colors are suitably garish.

Beige-colored, two-story condominiums will have to be torn down and destroyed. Just kidding, Chris & Debbie! Come on, some hot pink or electric blue, it's just a little trim we're talking about here.

Kidding aside, I really don't see the problem with colors other than we need more. Be bold, man.


Anonymous said...

Sammy, your missing the big picture here....the reason our condo is beach beige is so that in about two years, with all the beach, errosion we will meld in perfectly with the surroundings....R/E tip of the interior and just wait a few years, presto, ocean front property.

Sam said...

Hah! Too funny. I guess with all them Hurricane protectors out these on the beach side we're OK for a while.

But you got a point. When the big waves and winds come and blow all the food, fabric, and junk out their front doors and onto our properties, might as well paint our houses beige.

Just thing or all the pizza, potato chips, cokes, and chocolate that would spew forth ... nice beige color, no?

Anonymous said...

Funny Sam, i agree with you about the boring colors of our condo especially having to identical buildings next to each other. A good example of a beachy color theme is the newly built four-plex accross from us (green with white trim)...It seems that neutral colors appeal to the masses.