Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dead Zone

Well I guess SPI is safe from the dreaded "Dead Zone" that formed off the Brazos River outfall in the Gulf. That blue color means freshwater from recent rains and because freshwater floats on top of saltwater, you can measure it from outer space, very cool. The blob has slumped a little south in our direction, but has diluted as it progresses. Such a vast pool of freshwater could put the damper on local fishing and make the water look pooh-brown like the Brazos, but I don't think that the oceanographers ever documented hypoxia occurring - such as the huge dead zone off the Mississippi which truly cannot support marine life; the Mississippi dead zone is more noted for agricultural runoff that causes algal blooms, bacteria, and loss of oxygen.

Plus, if we get one or both of the tropical depressions or waves in the Gulf, the wave action should break it all up pretty well.

On the topic of wave action, Gene Gore is heading over to Hawaii to check out Hurricane Flossie surf, and should have a report about Labor Day or so.

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