Monday, December 04, 2006

What's Your Favorite Taco?

Okay, okay, I'm not worth a darn as a poet! But I know a good taco when I bite on one, alright?

So let us know your favorite kinds of taco and where to get 'em. Nothing is off the table, although I do think we should stick to tacos in Texas, OK?

That said, I can always tell how good a taco joint is by ordering two crispy beef tacos. Don't tell anybody I actually like them! And if the taco is wet and greasy and the veggies are stale, well, maybe time to move on. You can tell a lot that way.

Oooh, and then then there's the salsa, pico, and toppin's. Let 'er rip, folks, I've got a big Jones for some good tacos here. /Sam


Pedro said...

Yeah..crispy texmex (yum) tacos at Cabana Miguel, Trail's End, TX...Home of the Tehoa Endians. Sorry SPI, you're sol on this score. Sam please, this good food stuff is not exactly kind to my waistline (shot anyway)! We could turn this into a food blog if you're not careful. I mean next, you'll probably bring up enchiladas....

Sam said...

Hey Pedro, at least food isn't like politics and religion, which I know would generate lots of traffic but is never a happy ending! I'm happy with my little beer and taco pot-belly, anyway. It helps you float in the water better.

Now I don't know about the San Antonio thing, but East Austin had the best tacos I've ever had. Over the years they changed but a few are still around. My favorite was one called Peccadillo, which I thought mean pork but really means "sin."

It was just some really awesome shredded pork with nothing but green sauce on it. No, not salsa verde, but just jalapenos and lime juice, from what I could tell.

Whoa honey, "The Duke is on Fire!"

Did you mention the "other" food group, enchiladas?

~melissa said...

Hola from MN, There are also Pink Tacos....but that could take this discussion a whole different direction!

Sam said...

Hey Miss M,

load this one in your browser:

It is a restaurant chain in Phoenix and LA, from what I can tell - possible the most fun website I've seen in years! Love that Chihuahua...

papabeare said...

I have a non-taco question. Why is it that not only is SPI short in the Taco dept,but a town that has a chili cook-off dosen't seem to have any chili for sale on a regular basis either!! ( At least not chili worth eating)( Ok, they also don't have BBQ in SPI, never mind this is supposed to be the longhorn state, nor a steak house nor).

Sam said...

Oops, chili alarm! Must be a Three Llama (get it, a three-alarm fire).

Good point, Nancy. And when I put chili on a taco and add some cheese, heated a little more in the oven, it is called a burrito or enchilada. Pass the pico de gallo, please?

Pedro said...

Sam...Absolutely, the other "food group".

Dart Bowl Cafe

7801 Burnet, Austin 459-4181
Mon-Sat, 7:30am-9:30pm

Sunday, 8am-9:30pm Unless you've got league night on Tuesday, you probably never eat in bowling alleys. Most people group bowling alley restaurants along with prison cafeterias and airport snack bars as dining options suitable only for captive audiences. At their worst, alleyside bars offer only the requisite ballpark nachos and gas station hot dogs designed to keep beer flowing in between frames. At their best, however, they can be free-standing destinations with great food and no shoe rental requirements.

The restaurant inside Dart Bowl fits into the second category and can easily go toe-to-toe with any traditional diner in Austin. For over 20 years, the Dart Bowl kitchen staff has served breakfast standards, rotating plate lunches, and sandwich baskets to bowlers and hungry walk-ins. Their enchiladas, hot breads, and fresh-cut fries enjoy a legendary reputation and loyal following.

Dart Bowl's cheese-heavy enchiladas epitomize the Central Texas Diner Enchilada, the culinary crossover equivalent of German/Mexican accordion polkas. Corn tortillas are filled with cheddar and onion, then rolled, covered in enchilada sauce and chili con carne, layered with more cheese, and quickly broiled. Once garnished with onions and jalapeƱos, the end result bears little resemblance to interior variations, but makes for a substantial, satisfying Tex-Mex fix. Their home-baked rolls make sopping up the gravy doubly pleasurable.

If the sound of pin action doesn't sit well with you, stop in for lunch when bowlers are few or sit in the soundproof dining room. After a few hot rolls, you'll be hooked -- you may even consider renting the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Are you forgetting Taco Bell at the Exxon station on SPI Blvd.

Sam said...

Sure we can include anything if it is a taco. After another E. Coli outbreak up north I'm not so sure I want to go right over to the Bell but sure, I made it through college on stuff like that.

Hey Pedro that Dart Bowl used to have a special every day - seems like no more than five bucks. We'd come in hungry and cold as the devil from the contruction job and the people and food was so good. We even took our muddy boots off and the old ladies loved us for that ...

How about down on Airport, they had some great taquerias too, no?

papabeare said...

Ok, so does anybody within like 30 miles have good tacos or chili or ANything not shrimp or fish??? Seems like this is a wasteland for anything other than burgers or shrimp. I dont get to San Antonio or Austin or Houston much.....surely their must be someplace decent thats closer.

Sam said...

I've talked with my buddies over at Island Market and they say there are some really great places in Brownsville where you work, Nancy.

However, in the same breath they said some of these establishments were horrible beyond belief! They probably hire watchers to see if the Health Department is coming for an inspection, so they can run for the hills first. I'll try to get a few of the better names for ya.

Oh, that's where the better oriental food is, right? Oooo, my favorite oriental taco - Moo Shu Pork!

Oh, sorry, that's about 30 miles, isn't it?