Saturday, December 30, 2006

Feliz Ano Nuevo

I rarely ever make New Year’s Resolutions but this year perhaps a few would be OK as long as there is a healthy dose of humor. I hope that everyone has a wonderful celebration and upcoming year – see some of you at the Boomerang’s for the plunge. Here are some of my draft resolutions:

Don’t Drink and Blog. How is it that I can have this really wonderful day and two drinks later somebody sends a really stupid email and then the Gates of Heck are opened up? I really need to control those urges, such as maybe with Tango dancing or something.

Forget about Running for Alderman. Lori and I have both considered some very nice innuendoes from some very nice folks, asking us to run for office. After careful consideration, we think that neither of us would be good for the health, safety, and welfare of the good residents of South Padre Island, even if the dogs might like it.

Think about Quitting the Smokes. Now the dentist is on my tail in addition to the clinic doctor and about 75 percent of the citizens. I really do think about giving it up, as I am horribly addicted to Camel straights. Maybe I need to make the trip to Matamoros for memory pills and Viagra instead of the usual cigs and booze.

Start Catching More Fish. I hate to say it, but I caught more fish up in Austin than here. Not only was the trout ‘n' reds under-sized, but I caught sea robins, puffer fish, snake fish, and a weird one called the “look-down fish.” That's right, I got dissed by a fish! I caught a 4-inch triple-tail on a six-inch bait. I was the Rodney Daingerfield of fishermen, no respect. With untold millions of fish right outside my door, you’d think I’d have a few for fish tacos.

Grow Some Home-Grown Tomatoes. My ‘mater crop this year was worse than pitiful. I had ants, cutworms, fungus, and probably nematodes as well – I got exactly two and the Mockingbirds were already working on them. My new friend Don says he’ll share some secrets, which involves planting some fish (see above) in the ground for fertilizer and then grow the seeds right in the soil (what soil, Don?).

Become an Ornery Ole Semi-Retired Grump. Naw, we have too much pizzazz for that! We’ll be having dim sum parties for the Chinese New Year before you know it. Just don’t call it “dim Sam,” okay?

Have a good one, y’all.


just wandering said...

hey, sam, Aziza at Centre Pivot can get you into tango lessons!!
other nancy m

mleahy said...

Happy New Year Sam! I had my last cigarette Sunday at midnight. I hope I can do it, after twenty three years my body and mind are not so quick to get on board with this. It is never too late to try Sam.

Regards- MLeahy

Sam said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike, and I hope you become one of those that used to be smokers, which are far worse than those that never did smoke!

Here's an intersting tidbit - fish can smell tobacco and hate it like a poison. So people who smoke catch less fish because they handle the bait and the evil smell is on it! /s/

Pedro said...

I bought my last carton before the 1st Sam, I hope. But, I have to disagree about the fish stuff. I have caught a literal multitude of fish in my life and many times smoking brought me direct luck.

~melissa said...

Here is my trick to keep the bugs out of them tomato plants. Go down to the local coffee shop and ask if they will save you the espresso grounds. Put this around the base of the plant. It acts as a fertilizer, a mulch, and decomposes into a rich soil. Do this after you plant comes up out of the ground (the fish works great too)

Good luck at being tobacco free!


mleahy said...
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