Friday, October 13, 2006


Here’s a shot of my porch ceiling with its new paint job. It is close to the traditional old-time "porch color." The light wasn’t quite right – that color is supposed to the close to South Padre Island sandy blue-green. So I’ve been busy remodeling, and extreme sport related to “piddling” and “oh goodie, break time!” The outside hasn’t been painted in years and years, from what I can tell – and the ceilings maybe once (FYI, that’s real asbestos Hardy Board up there). I’m a little sore from all the unused muscles but things are starting to look better.

This weekend is “roar by the shore” for the Harley crowd. By the evening, after a Mexico trip and a visit to the complimentary Budweiser table, they should be doing wheel burns – you know, open the throttle, make a big noise, and then let out the clutch and smoke the back tire. Hah, it is a sight to behold, and even more on the ears.

The latest rumor is that big bull sharks have been feeding off the beaches near Isla Blanca. According to local surfer and artist Sharon Campbell, “it was feeding in the wave he was riding on, he fell and I'll bet the shark ran into him. They swim parallel thru the wave, mouths open, scooping up mullet.” Yikes! I think I’ll give surf fishing a rest for a few days – there has indeed been a ton of baitfish out there.

What else it happening? Next weekend is Sand Castle Days. The electricity has been good lately (a true wonder) but now the water mains have been breaking. With all this construction they seem to average about a break a week. Back in my old hometown, Leander, it was like that but at least they’d sanitize and air bleed the line – down here I think their idea of “sanitizing” is to pee on it! Off to do some more caulking and scraping,


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, How about taking and posting a few pictures of the sand castles when they are done? Would like to see them, Bye Now.

Sam said...

You got it, young fella!

Oh by the way, the sand sculpture folks say BI has some wonderful sand in the summer. One gal built something out by Crescent Beach but I think the waves got it the next day.