Friday, October 20, 2006

Port Isabel loses annexation appeal

According to out little local paper down here, Port Isabel lost its appeal about trying to seize vast stretches of South Padre Island. The 'Island Breeze' (October 20) reported that Mayor Pinkerton said "it was just as expected." The attorney for the Pinnell Estate said that Port Isabel never acted in good faith to even consider a proposed settlement. Thus, the 13th State District Court denied all annexation claims and said that Port Isabel had to pay over a quarter million dollars in attorney fees. That's some cool beans, man.

Now this was the best news since Doyle Wells got his butt kicked out of Isla Blanca Park.

I suppose if Port Isabel still has a case of the red-ass, it could appeal to the Texas Supreme Court to waste even more taxpayer money, which seems to be their forte. Hey, shouldn't we be working together for a change? Last I checked you had to take the causeway from Port Isabel to South Padre Island. Heck, we don't even have a football team to have a rivalry out here. What's their team's name again, the Fighting Tampons?

To be fair, even if we did have a football team it would probably be called the Stinking Sargassum or something. But the annexation wars seem to be over. Now the Town can proceed with establishing Home Rule without having all that going on. In the works are some limited SPI annexes to the South and North of town, along with a suggestion to annex Tomkins Channel to provide for water safety. Things are looking up again. Cheers,

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