Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Spring Fever Already!

The last few days have been in the 80's, very nice. The birds are chirping, the butterflies are flying, and a few redbuds and pears are thinking about making buds. Yes, that was a robin over there, catching a real earthworm. Hopefully it won't be like the last few years in Austin, when nice weather was interrupted by killer freezes in late February and early March.

False spring is a dangerous time but also one of hope. So far, I've painted two thirds of the inside of the house and almost all the outside, in anticipation of selling this ole house and moving down to South Padre Island - where we've got a contract on a nice bungalow. I'm exhausted but it's a good, clean kind of tired. For those of you following this blog, which is perhaps counting on one hand, the outside color is Monarch "Colonial," a nice cream pukey yellow that realtors seem to like. I think it's an alternative to contractor's beige.

Lori has her pins out of her foot on Friday - screws, I should say. More surgery, and more crappy weather to follow. We sure wish we were already down on Padre and didn't have to do all this hospital and house boogie, but that's life, I guess.

I can't wait to see all the hummingbirds and butterflies when we finally move down there, though, even in the false Texas spring.


Anonymous said...

Sam, my name is Mike Leahy and I live just down the road from you in San Antonio. My wife & I hope to build a home on our small spit of land on the island someday. In the mean time we try to get down there as often as possible, it is our "Home Away From Home". We enjoy reading your blog & wish we were as close to moving down there as you are. Great job! Looking forward to your next installment.

Sam said...

Hey Mike,

we're buying a 1970 shack (real nice tho) but my idea is to invest in one or two of those 50 by 100 or 125 foot lots and then build a nice new home. Two is better but at 100K each it is a definite hurdle. Keep those dreams. That's definitely what I want to do too. Visit, maybe we can meet sometime. -Sam

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, If all goes as planned, we will be in SPI 5/5-5/9. It would be great to meet for a drink at Amberjack or Louis' and discuss Island politics. Mike Leahy