Friday, May 27, 2011

SPI Rocks for Body Surfing

And President Barack Obama agrees. Here he is free-styling, almost side-stroking, not a swan dive and not head down and trucking for distance , either. Whatever you think of him, he's a very good body surfer and I have a great deal of respect for that.

I wish the President would come check out our body surfing potential on SPI when the Pato ('paht-tow') Current from Mexico brings in a nice color of water like in the picture. My girls are getting more good waves than me and that's just not fair! But ... oh so much fun when you can get it. It's a feeling like "you got it." It's a remarkable thing, and always in the timing.

Cheap thrills? It takes a bunch of stamina, burns some serious calories, and requires some smarts. I'll tell you one thing - the people who drown are not the people who know how to body surf and swim ... we tough!

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Anonymous said...

Sam...sent you an email, don't know if you still have the same addie, but am coming to Padre for a few days next week!
Char in Littleton