Monday, February 07, 2011

These are the Februaries of our lives

killer swamp wabbit top right

Trials, tribulations, cold, freezing-arse cold, low on money, and hunkering down, knowing that February is thank goodness a short month, we hunker down. The first week of this February was real snotty, icy weather and the power went off many times for a long time. Did I mention it was cold? But yeah, we survive, and get by with the bad news of people dying and getting cancer and if you think about it, February is an especially evil month.

On February 3rd, we shifted into the Chinese New Year with the year of the metal rabbit. I am a fire monkey (by the Chinese zodiac) and I hate steel fooking rabbits, OK? Man they're bad news, and sure enough the weather, the electricity, and even the water pressure went kafflooie. Egypt rioted and there was a small earthquake in Oklahoma. This is a bad omen, one that I pray doesn't portend for the future.

And what's with all these "transformers" on the Super Bowl ads? Don't you know those are evil metal rabbits in disguise? Disgusting! Don't they know that the year of the rabbit is horrible luck? The only good rabbit is one that's in my pot or on the BBQ. Where do you think they got the superstition about a rabbit's foot being a good luck charm? If you don't eat a rabbit, one will eat YOU.

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