Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Health Insurance

This is not a post about Obama-care but I can say that we've been having hell over the medical insurance. To make a long story short, Lori the wife had a public school job with cheap insurance, she left, COBRA didn't work although it would have been nice for 18 months, and we're faced with monthly payment of over $850 and that includes a $5000 deduct on major hospital stuff. After applying with several places and getting quotes, they're calling back wanting to know when's the last time I had sex, and personal questions like that.

Humana rejects people for being slightly overweight and another says that mild hypertension is cause for WWIII. Asthma, forget it!

Then I got to figuring. Assuming I'm healthy and including the dang dentist, we spend no more than $5000 a years on drugs and doctors, both of us. But the insurance costs $10,000! I guess they're banking I won't stroke out or something ... but remember they want $5000 if I get the farts and think it's one, just to visit a hospital.

Now something is wrong here. I want my insurance to cover my arse for the regular stuff and if I want the hospital stuff, well I can add that on as the economy comes back all rosy and ducky-wucky. Ten years and I can draw retirement, retirement insurance, Medicaid, and all kinds of freebies. I have to wonder about this all ... but I plod along, and send them documents, and keep going because it is the American way, being a good boy. It is getting tiresome, though.

For all this, Lori is seriously thinking about working for the man again, like a school district, since they insure you for everything even if you are a walking medical time-bomb. That's about half the cost, perhaps $400 to $500 a month. It just doesn't seem right to screw the independent small business person, though.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I agree with what you say.....even cheap insurance isn't cheap anymore. Hey, were glad to see your posting again. Keep it up.

Sam said...

The story ain't over yet! The bastards were going to reject Lori and demand I go back to the doctor to verify some lab work, not yet "accepted." Today Lori tells me today that the company automatically deducted $800 from our account, as if we were accepted. Lori canceled their ass.

I am going to complain to the Texas Attorney General. What a bunch of assholes, dumb kids, and greedy fuckers. As you can tell, I'm piss livid about this.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are with you. We currently have a 3500 per person deductable and 816/mo premium. Because the wife and I turned 60 last year, next month the premium goes to 1088/mo. same deductable. Looked at 5000 per person deductable and the savings is only 50 per month or 600 for a 1500 per person deductable increase. We have 4 years until Medicare, they will be 4 tough years. Robert and Terry - Dallas.

Sam said...

All seems better now. COBRA might just work after all. I called the insurance company to get them off my tail and send me my $800 back. I think it worked.

~Melissa said...

Sammy, good to hear. I was wondering what the verdict was.