Sunday, June 06, 2010

Just When Things Were Getting Better

I promise not to dwell on the heartache, tears, pollution, and busted lives because of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out. But gee, right when things seemed to be going OK, some recovery from the Great Recession, and a few good things coming out of Congress, this happens. The National Mood Indicator swung from nearly the middle about 50% to Zero.

I don't know if there's a way to cuss and discuss this boondoggle of major proportions in any constructive way. I blog with the environmentalists and they accuse me, and environmentalist by trade, of being a fool because I won't ban Big Oil today. I know better than trying to ban anything, but that's how ardent they are ... just as the fools who say "drill baby, drill baby now." Or something like that.

Perhaps some happier ideas will float into my head ... I will sat that Sam & Lori Days with all the birthdays and our anniversary was a wondrous great time, and I couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate it.


Everett said...

When is it going to finally dawn on the rest of the world, (France already is up and running) that until fusion power becomes a reality if ever, that Nuclear power is about the only viable source of power that can compete with good old fossil fuel? Although I can't imagine a small nuke in every car and truck! Guess they will just have to make really good batteries and powerful motors to put in them.
They can't be all bad as the US Navy has been using them in subs for 50+ years with very good safety records. Where to put the spent fuel rods? Give them to the poor starving, emaciated people in Palastine and they can use them to ward off, or beat, those nasty Jewish invaders of peaceful people!

Sam said...

You're funny Everett, but yeah nukes aren't a bad way to go, I think there's major expansion plans for another unit here in Texas.

But like Block Island, there's no oil or tar on our coastlines. There's a ton of BS about BP, lots of armchair drilling experts!