Friday, April 09, 2010

The Garden Box

After begging from local vendors like Veranda's, Bayview, and various dirt haulers like for Brownsville compost, I gave up and went to Wal-Mart. That's a cubic yard of potting soil in a four by eight frame made of two by twelve treated pine. Obviously, the stuff settles so maybe a wee bit more soil and an inch of mulch and by late Sunday, I am "in like Flint." Expensive little booger but it should last years with some TLC.

After seeing how well Sandy Feets' salad garden was doing, I finally got with the program. This one is for tomatoes, a few peppers, and herbs - and whatever darlings that Lori picks out. Summer okra to follow if the plants get sunburn too bad, and love those multiplying onions.

Oh well, got tired of calling and getting dissed so I took the bull by the horns and crossed the Causeway. Twenty minutes after getting home I took this photo ... doesn't look too bad. FYI, the comforter we had on our bed when we got married is now the "weed screen" on the bottom. Now we're talking some major tomato potential here!


Anonymous said...

Here's a hint for your tomatoes that my master gardener sister gave me ... the one thing that makes tomatoes struggle is that the roots get too hot. When you put the plants in take some newspaper and cover the ground around the plant - a couple of sheets thick. Soak the paper, then cover in mulch.

One thing I have also discovered gardening on the island is that need for lots of peat moss (even with the bags of Miracle Grow potting mix). I add a bag to each of my beads every year around January/Feb. Makes putting in seedlings or direct sewing so much more successful. After the seedlings go in a good mulch is mandatory. Good luck. A

Sam said...

Thanks A, and we got 'er planted today. This is nearly all potting soil, quite expensive, because the dirt down here is nothing but sand, clay, and salt.