Monday, March 15, 2010

I Still Can't Believe I'm Here

I'm still amazed by this place. I live on that skinny strip on the right side. But what amazes me is this big bright green thing in the middle. I'm thinking, "is Google Earth pulling my leg?" I had no idea.

Trust me, the bay goes all the way over to the the far right, pretty much. Odd looking brown blobs near the bottom of the map. What the hell are those? Bahia Grand dust bowls?

I'm starting to wonder if I was stark raving mad to move down here.

Hey no comments from the peanut gallery! But what amazes me is how well we've done here, especially Lori with her PHD stuff and all. My businesses didn't dry up and blow away. And in spite of all those green masses and brown blobs, we still really like it on the Sandspit.

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~Melissa said...

It is an amazing place isn't it? I say that in the middle of spring break. Kind of fun!!!

Yeah, we must be a little coo-coo to be down here, but then again, maybe you have to be to live here!!!

Say Hi to Lori for me!