Sunday, August 02, 2009

More Island Scutlebutt

As the dog days of August roll in, with not a hint of tropical moisture except for some dew, thoughts shift to the more mundane - or at least mine do. I'm pretty oblivious to most of the island rumor mill, although from time to time I catch some of it.

The biggest one is "forms based code" instead of zoning, which appears to be a nice idea although it so politically charged it could explode. One innuendo is that some powerful islanders are trying to sneak it in the back door before us poor sleepy-heads can figure out what happened, and I shall not name names.

The seafood, music, redfish, beer and bait festival will he held sometime in September, not the November time slot like the last two years. We wish it goes well -- I'll be there for a day for sure. The rumor about that one is soooo outlandish and extreme you'll have to bribe me for the inside scoop.

Meanwhile, some residents of the "E" district on the bayside want to kick out everyone except for the residents themselves, thinking themselves far superior to anyone else. That's funny, I live a an old bungalow and think the few travelers we get here are cute, especially the girls who walk to the bay thinking it's the ocean. Of course I have to help these fine Americans find their way, right?

A bay dolphin named Mohawk was found with fishing line wrapped all around it, and I was on Scarlet Colley's boat when she shot film of it. A rescue is underway to save the poor fella.

I guess y'all know the oil washing up on the beach was soooo last week. That was interesting, as the media jumped all over that, not that it had any effect on the tourism. They never did find the source of the crude oil "plops," but there's absolutely no problems now and there is no oil on the beach. There is no jellyfish or seaweed on the beach either -- now that's a little unusual.

Sea turtle nestings are slightly down on SPI as compared to last year, although Jeff George says that turtles are cyclical, good, and not to worry. The nesting season is pretty much over although we could see a couple in August as we have in the past several years.

The Home Rule Commission I sit on only has one more meeting and then we're finis, done. Yay! Every property owner gets a copy and if you have can vote here, there'll be a vote on that and some amendments to the Texas Constitution -- not sure if anyone has any elections of interest.

It's still dry here and unless you sprinkle or have a sprinkler system, your vegetation looks like heck now. It's the driest I've seen it in years or maybe decades. They say Rockport to Austin is even worse, but we're suffering pretty bad. I may lose some plumerias, bummer. The water table is just too low. Even the land crabs have disappeared.

The possum, on the other hand, has reappeared. I saw two tonight. It's almost possum trapping season although not cool enough yet. This year I'm going to mark their back with a painted number to see how many come back from the end of the road!

The Camp Craft gals and thesbians are are up their usual and wily tricks and happiness, and there's no shortage of fun with these gals. Us poor men ... where's the glory and love?

So-and-so got divorced and looks like a million bucks, Rob's wife is having a baby, and Lucinda smiled about a new boyfriend from the old days, all good stuff.

Aside from trying to ID some jerk doofus on the SPI Forums, and coping with the summer weekend crowds, not much else report other than is was great to see my daughter for three weeks. Until the next update,


Island Princess said...

HAHA - girls on their way to the beach ended up by your house. That's so funny.

~Melissa said...

Great update Sammy,

I can't wait to be a part of it! It is nice of you to help the gals find their way. Reminds me of last spring. My dad had to help some young top-less co-eds during spring break. My mother and sister sent him over with plastic cups to replace their glass in the hottub. Such a rough life.

Lucinda said...

So what is it going to take to make you spill the beans on the musicfest thing????

Inquiring minds want to know....

Anonymous said...

Sam's going rate for the inside dish is 16 oz of the fermented adult beverage of his choice.


Joni said...

I can supply the malted beverage if Sam will fill us in on the important gossip that only those on the inside get to know.

You have managed to pique my curiosity.


Sam said...

OK but be cool. The rumor was that Stormy was one of the people telling Time and the rest to STFU. If that name doesn't ring a bell, sorry, but for you locals who do ... WOW. He's the chair of the island visitor's commission. I can't confirm this and I won't deny it either. Just another rumor, eh?

Think about it, they put a whole bunch of beans on this Music Fest and are the main sponsor. If I know Stormy, he occasionally likes to duke it out with dumb-chits like the regular azzoles on SPI forums, using an assumed name of course! He and I joke about it all the time. Hey if that's wrong, I'll buy you a drink of your choice.

If I'm right, I'm going to be one stoned little turkey who needs a cab ride home that weekend!

Sam said...

I meant Tim, not "time." Sheesh, big minds, small buttons!

Sam said...