Thursday, July 09, 2009

Not Much to Report is Good

In these days when we all seem to need something extremely daring, provocative, embarrassing, nasty, political, and full of intrigue - or at least some passing fad - it's nice to say I have absolutely nothing to report other than we're happy and doing well. Gosh, what would Paul Harvey say?

Perhaps it is simply the summer, when the media is starved for attention and everyone is saying "Who cares?" Even Governor Palin's decision to quit her job in Alaska was ho-hum. I could bore you with details of how my contracting business got slow again this summer, something I've noticed increasingly over the last several years. There again, I've managed to make even or slightly more than the previous year when filing taxes, so maybe I'd better chill out. Knock on wood I won't be working at Dirty Al's next month for minum wage plus tips. I wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.

Traveling? Hell no, I used to travel everywhere when I was younger, and have a huge wedding deal to save up for in Austin for my son Eric. If I go anywhere else it will be to the Bahamas this December. I mean, traveling sucks! Anybody who likes traveling for the sake of traveling is sicko. To me, it's hard work and often grueling. If somebody puts me on a cruise ship with a thousand other people, I think I would commit suicide. Too bad driving into Mexico with my truck is too dangerous, though.

But it's a very mild hurricane season, things are going OK, we don't have the cold air like in the Northeast, and it's not too dang hot by the beach. The town politics is its usual BS, so I won't report it, other than to say everything seems delayed. Michael Jackson is STILL dead, and Obama as President hasn't resulted in instant communism. It's a good feeling, not much of anything to say. Isn't it amazing how much there is to say about nothing? Shakespeare noted this in his best comedy, Midsummer Night's Dream.

It shall be called ‘Bottom’s Dream’, because it hath no bottom.


~Melissa said...

You got that one right, no news is good news. All the stars, moons, planets etc,etc are lining up, and life is good. Glad to hear it isn't just me.


Anonymous said...

Sam, in the words of Jimmy Buffett, "Breath in, breath out, move on." Lots of travel for me soon (all fun): 2 weekends at Lake Tahoe, where my daughter will be at dance camp, a 10 day windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain biking road trip to Oregon with my best bud and then a week on good old SPI. Hope that we do not have to cancel our summer trip to the island like last year due to Dolly. Don't forget to throw a good dose of goofiness into the discussion of FBC on the forum!


Sam said...

Hey Thomas,

Good to hear from ya. Yes I'll be traveling a few times to Austin, Abaco in December, maybe Aspen so I can stick with the "A-List" this year. Albuquerque, anyone?

Much less chance of a hurricane this year, although there's a tropical wave coming off Africa (another "A"-word) that looks like more of a Cape Horn thing. Hope to meet ya.

And I'll try to humor the peeps on the Farm, I mean Forum. Mooo!

Everett said...

Well the "instant" socialism hasn't arrived just yet, but it is running hard with the vault pole in hand and is ready to leap over the bar and into our lives, if you'll have one after the socialized medicine Czar takes over! Did you notice tha the abominable O man has 31 czars running almost everything? What ever happened to the cabinet heads who used to do this stuff? He will probably do away with them, the cabinet positions, by executive order and install his stooges permanently! God help us all!!!

Bahamas Cruise said...

That's right, go to Bahamas. When I did my last cruise there thorough ECT last year, I completely empty my head from all the mess around. Take your son and enjoy a vacation with your family.