Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why Twitter is sometimes funny

This is a chain on Twitter posts that started when one of us found a story about "male enhancement pills" that said they didn't work. I'm "Whams."

  1. Whams@southpadrelive Dood, I don't think you are near cute enuff to do lap dances, keep the day job!
  2. JW WilsonsouthpadreliveForget the free lap tops-Where do I sign up for free lap dances
  3. WhamsWhams@southpadrelive TMI brudder!
  4. sandy feetsandyfeet@southpadrelive Thanks for that visual, JW (not!)
  5. JW Wilsonsouthpadrelive@sandyfeet Yea I take them so it will stick out enough so i don't pee on my feet

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