Monday, January 05, 2009

Eric Proposes!

Looks like my son Eric and Cari are getting married this coming September. Here on the island! And she has a huge Italian family, like over 50. Lori got "the call" today and we're real excited. Does this mean I have to wear real clothes though, and leather shoes too? A tuxedo monkey suit? Ugh-oh, but I sure I have plenty of time to practice. But they're so happy, and that's what counts.


Lucinda said...

This is wonderful news! My congratulations to the happy couple!

Cari said...

LOL, It does indeed mean that you should probably start your practicing now Sam! ;)
It will be a fabulous time and a great celebration

Eric said...

I'm going to put you in a TuX, and some square toe boots!! lol
You'll be the slickest cat out their...second to me that is :)

Joni Tanner said...

Wonderful news Sam! Matt & I send our best.

Anonymous said...

Saw some posts on the forum. I suppose you know but in case you don't.They say it is the Sheridan that has been telling people to not come to the island because the entire island is closed. " They say" that their is at least one recording of the hotel staff telling someone not to come. Yes, the city knows....hard to deal with maybe. Bad for business though to have people turned away just because one hotel is not open.

Congrats on the upcoming wedding of course. Would be a shame if it weren't held here on the island. Bet La Copa could do it. Maybe with some help from Jerry.
Just a thought.