Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Down the Road

Well so much for my poetic abilities. I wrote exactly two good poems in my life and that wasn't one of 'em. Oh well.

Other than the mosquitoes, the weather is perfect and the water is cleaning up. The road was still blocked off at County Access 4 going north, so I haven't been able to check out the Ike trash. On out beach here in town, a dock floated up on last night's tide. I'm not kidding, a dock! Should be interesting to see what's up yonder.

You might see a total mess but I see opportunity! We'd clean up some bad trash and have one heckuva bonfire for the scrap wood. I haven't had a bonfire this year, and used to do one every month.

Please notice my restraint as well. I did not write about the caterwauling economy, the fishy politics, or how bad the fishing season was. I didn't even peep when I found out that the lawsuit against the proposed development of our 400-acre Isla Blanca park took a serious turn for the worse.

Maybe it's Beerman's leftover homebrew and BBQ ribs? That'll put a smile on your face. And in these semi-dark times, a smile is exactly what one needs. And yes, I'll post some photos soon!


Anonymous said...

Sam, beach access 5 has been open to drive on the beach for 2 weeks. I have been up there a lot. And yes there is a lot of wood for a bonfire, plus everything in your household- fortunately is isn't yours our ours, but those poor people from Boliva Peninsula and others. Sorry your fishing hasn't been great but my Sam has had great luck with the reds and trout. Actually too good. Have a good one - A

Joni said...

Oh how heavenly, to shut out all the nonsense of the last few weeks. I can't wait to cross that causeway and enter a happier world.