Friday, June 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Lori!

It's that time of year again. First Lori's birthday. That's today. Tomorrow is me and then it's our anniversary.

If nothing else, and besides being the best Mom in the world for the kids, she's my best friend. That's a rare combination to find. Lori, you rock!

Thanks to Sandy Feets and Fred Mallet for your notes. This year instead of a birthday card I just printed them off.

You know those big smiles that start deep inside and spread out real slow ...?


~melissa said...

Happy Birthdays and Anniversary. I will have a margarita for each you up here in Minnesota!!


mleahy said...

A heartfelt Happy B-Day to you both!!! My lovely wife of nearly seventeen years, Nancy, had her big four-oooh! yesterday on the 3rd. We look at it as her 29th anniversary of her 11th birthday. I guess you are as old as you feel. At least that is how I choose to look at it. Best wishes to both of you and we will have a Mike-A-Rita for the two of you. Best regards, Mike & Nancy

Sam said...

Let me say you kindred spirits are welcome over here, you guys and gals. Did we get a litle tipsey yesterday? Hmmm, I won't tell. Things that happen in Las Vegas, Block Island, Abacos, Austin, South Padre Island ... did I say South Padre? ... they stay right there! 23 years together and still ticking and happy,