Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dune Project Update

Gosh, the power of the Blog! I never thought people would fear little ole Sammy here but I guess some people do stop by every now and then ... and I hear back about it from the town aldermen and all kinds of "big people" like that. "Oh that's Sam, the blogger man." So, I was asked if I'd update things to say the town WILL have a dune-Christmas tree project this year; it will be a pilot project so we don't need ten thousand trees. I'm happy about that! Way to go, folks!

I mean I've been called a lot of things in my lifetime ... for years I thought my name was Dammit Sam. In my electric guitar/band days I was known as "Texas-T." Now I'm an air quality consultant working for the EPA and various marine ports. But "Sam the Blogger?" That sounds like I have boogers or something, although they don't say it that way.

I must admit that although Blogging has it's scary moments it has been fun, starting with painting the old house (realtor puke beige) and moving to South Padre Island. And I intend to plow ahead ... sometimes in writing and sometimes with ... used Christmas Trees. Gosh can you believe it - sometimes things work out.
See you on the beach,


Everett said...

Sam, as you may know, we used to do the same thing here on BI. The State road crew would take all the heavy brush they had cut along the road and place it along the dunes from the Kittens on down to the corner of Beach and the Neck road. Then the DEM got wind of what they and others were doing and put a halt to that! Now the dunes just blow across the street and into the New Harbor. As an aside, When I was a small to teen kid, when we went to the beach, my mother would park her 1939Packard touring car, about 24 feet long, pulled in, off the road where the monument across from the beachead sits today! Then you had to cross another twenty yards or so of BLACK sand to get to the white sand. And there was about thirty to forty yards of that to cover before you ever got to the water. So in fity five years or so that is all gone. Won't be much left in another fifty. Regards, Everett

Sam said...

Hey Everett, that is ridiculous to stop using tree branches and Christmas trees for dune building. I wonder if they've changed their minds or are still smoking crack. The only reason to not put them down and stake them down is because of accidental fires, and the fact that the wood might decompose (duh, that's what it's supposed to do).

I remember that black sand, too! I used to have a big magnet and would drag it in the sand and pick up the iron filings. My dad even showed me how the iron caused "slippery sand" when mixed with some water - it would sqeak and yes it was slippery. Something about all the granules lining up a certain way.

But back on the dune thing, don't they even use snow fences or anything? /sam

beerman said...

Keep us posted Sam-Tha-Man! I can either mail you a check or do PalPay to the SOB's to assist with supplies. Be it rope, or brew and grub. Wish we could be there sooner but looks like it will be mid May!