Thursday, October 06, 2005

Alligator Pie

Here’s a picture before my camera went bonkers but now it mysteriously works perfectly; I suppose the hi-tech lithium batteries helped. We were looking for a big alligator right THERE. There just hasn’t been much to shoot lately, and the red tide keeps us mostly inside. It doesn’t help the Gump-O-Meter, if you know what I mean. And woo, people seem grumpy, frumpy, and grouchy these days! Hey I’ve got red tide but I’m happy and I have my wife and my health and my newly-revived camera. I sure wish that alligator would come on out now. A ten-inch red eared slider doesn’t count near as good.

Perhaps people are just getting busy, knuckling down to the old salt mine waltz, and wish the good old days of summer – without all the freeping tourists – would hang on a little longer. Before you know it, it will be Columbus Day, the official end of Island summers. Sneeze and it will be Thanksgiving.

But you know there’s more to it, like our collective psyche was damaged by big hurricanes, high gas prices, and ineffective wars on terroristical whatevers. Then there’s the local politics, where you discover these people are really like eight year-old kids playing too rough during recess time at school – with millions of YOUR dollars. Stocks are down, prices are up, and it seems like the American Dream is going like the guy who wrote “By, by, American pie, drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.” Come on his name was ….

Well that’s grumpy too so let’s get over it and cheer up. And I’ll be back to get a photo of Allie the alligator, just for you.


Everett said...

Hi Sam, Don Mclaine, spelling is probably not right. Hey is this red tide the same one that kills all the clams and fish or is it a different booger than the ones we get up here?
BTW, That word verication down at the bottom sounds like someone hugging the porcelain throne! ROAKQE??

Sam said...

Hey Everett, well, one time your blog farted at me with a PLBBTT!
The red tide down here is a little different from the one up your way, namely in that it makes a horrible vapor cloud that causes coughing. It's killed quite a few fish, too.
Forunately, we just had our fist good Norther and the stench is moving out!

Char said...

Is is worth coming down or will Red Tide keep me snug inside my condo after that long God forsaken drive down from Denver? I hear different stories. Sam and Lori, I need sound advice. Hope you're all breathing well!

Sam said...

Hi Char,

lost your contact information - darned scraps of paper! Anyhoo, the past two days have been wonderful. No Mr. Red Tide. The norther cool front seemed to blow it away. Another little front coming maybe Wednesday. It is looking better - no telling if the stuff will blow back on us, but for now, back to paradise!

When did you say you were coming - November? Sand Castle Days?

Sam & Lori

Char said...

Darned scraps of paper look like garbage after adult refreshments.
I'm coming down for Sand castle days. It will be a short visit, as I have to leave the Monday after the big event. I'll be arriving this Monday.

SuperAmanda said...

Great blog! I keep hearing Tony Joe White singing "Poke Salad Annie"
Always a good sign ;)