Friday, September 16, 2005

Dies Y Seis

It was frustrating. I woke up and went to get the paper and there was a seven-inch lizard on my porch. So I ran in to the house and got the new digital camera and … no black lizard with a gold racing stripe down its sides. This was probably a rare find, I thought to myself. Pure black, snake-like, very timid, and it looked almost toxic if you touched it. I found its hidey-hole and talked to it. No dice.

Then in the afternoon, some real large fish hawks showed up, shrieking to each other. I’m thinking they were ospreys because they ate some fish out in the bay, dive bombing, although they did have some brown feathers. So every time I heard them I went outside with my trusty camera, only to see them as a speck on the horizon. I think they were like at least 40 MPH.

So there’s no signature picture today, even after consulting with the hummers. Those hummingbirds know when I’m packing a camera … when I’m not they come up and lecture me about getting too close to the feeder! The sheer unmitigated gall.

And then the red tide started its thing. Who asked all those diatoms to get frisky right now? It’s not all that bad yet except for a small fish kill but sheesh, one more for the Gipper. But the wife’s folks are in town and it is Mexico Independence Day and except for a few recalcitrant critters, all is good.


Beach Fever said...

Sam, We just love your blog, kind of like a life line for where we want to be. Speaking of the Hummers, This past weekend my oldest son had a couple of friends spend the night. Three 15 & 16 year old boys. We were out cooking on the grill and they came out asking for us to make some more of that good kool-aid, the red kind. I knew I had not made any red kool-aid. Immediatley I thought my hummingbird food. Sure enough, it was gone. When I informed them of what they had drank they still wanted more. Kids, what can I say. I hope you can catch a pic, I have been trying also but they seem to know when they are in the spot light. Shoot, I watch the bay cam in hopes of catching a glimpse of a dolphin. I am sure you and Lori are just loving being down there. I can't wait to get back.

Everett said...

Okay, I give, My latin sux, as in non-existant. What does it mean?

Sam said...

The title? It is supposed to be simply "16" ... I've also seen it written as deiseseis or something. Anyway, September 16th is when Mexico became independent from invading troups, mostly French under Maximillion, I think, and sent them packing. On the 15th is a celebration of the "Grito" which is a greeting or battle cry not unlike the "rebel yell." -sam