Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Time's Getting Close

Well, I almost made it to Election Day but hey, it's my blog and I wanted to update y'all about real estate, moving, and all that non-political schtuff. Yes, things are getting close and we still are trying to sell our house here near Austin. Talk about tight timeframes, our closing date for the SPI house is June 17th and it takes about 30 days to close a deal if we sell here. I was hoping to have some major cash right now so I could lock in a favorable deal with Island Mortgage. They say stagflation is setting in and there are all kinds of bad omens, or shall we say challenges.

On Sunday our realtor, who is a real nice gal, said "gee, maybe is we take out this bush it would look better." This was about three o'clock and I was tired already. So I fired up the chainsaw and started on taking out a bush. It was a photinia about 15 feet tall and 20 feet around. No, this was not your common bush; it had a stump about twelve inches in diameter. By golly, I had the derned bush in the back of my pickup truck, ready for the dump, by six o'clock. I estimate about 5/8 of a ton of photinia. I even raked the yard and planted grass and had the little sprinkler going.

Basically, Monday and Tuesday I was a vegetable, since I had fallen on my can real bad once and had pulled every muscle in my bod. Mr. chainsaw did not decide to eat me on the way down, for which I am very grateful. Gosh, I hadn't fallen on my can like that since college. So here I am, wore out, trying to make the move. Why do the minor little medical things get worse? Why does work and the kids go ka-flooie all at rhe same time? Where's my captain's wages?

I'm sure there have been lots of folks in those shoes, trying to make the move and getting stressed. You might have feelings like wanting to run away just because it is so intense. Maybe a dude ranch in Branson or a hippie commune in Portland. It will work out, I am sure. We can do it. You just have to think positive.

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