Sunday, January 23, 2005

House Contract Signed!

Well I guess all this blogging is not for naught - the real estate guru called to say the contract was signed for buying a house on South Padre! Now all I need is to sell this ole house, make sure I have oodles of cash, get Lori a job down there in the school district, and don't go completely bonkers before June 17th. It will be a close race ...

Lessee, its an older two-level house on stilts with all garage underneath and lots of remodeling done up top, 2 BR 2 BA. What sold us was the living room and kitchen. The kitchen has one of the fancy-schmancy island thingies with built-ins and what's that called, Corianne instead of formica, something like that? Duh, I'm so happy I'm brain dead.

Oh yeah, and roof beams and a big fat ship's light in front, the real thing like off a 100-year old ship. The house detective does his thing early this week, and will inspect the roof, electrical, A/C, etc.



chris said...

Sam, sounds like another angel just got their wings. Keep us informed on your move to the bananna republic. We own property, (a vacant lot), on the isle and intend to build in the near future. We have enjoyed your mussings over the past year. Keep us up to date. Chris and Debbie

Anonymous said...

Sam, have been going to SPI for 30+ years and have started looking for something like you bought. I've talked to a couple of realtors and keep up with spionline's realty links. Was wondering how many old beach houses like yours you found for sale while on your hunt? My thought is they are getting harder and harder to find. George